Love Through Design was born in 2010 to create bespoke and exclusive products for retailers in aid of good causes. Through these collaborations with artists we raise funds, and awareness, for international humanitarian and ecological causes that we are passionate about.

We always work with these intrinsic values in mind:

- We support communities to empower new lives
- We stay true to our positive values in using art as a universal means of communication
- We only source and create ethical products that always benefit the maker
- We invest in talent by working with artists and brands in the creative industry
- We spread awareness of good causes through art & design
Love Through Design services include:
Brand Promotion: Further enhance your existing brand, or launch a new one, with targeted promotion through the use of Arts & Culture. Fulfilling your specific requirements through curated projects that meet your brand’s unique ideology and vision. Giving your brand exposure with focused events, launches, and exhibits to increase interest and entice new business with the aid of our extensive industry contacts. Expanding your brand’s reach through tailor-made, artist led product ranges, from art prints and accessories to fashion apparel and merchandise, which target and appeal to your specific audience.


Corporate & Private Art Consultancy: Consulting services to business, individuals, and the design community in advising with the purchase, and investment of Art. Assessing home and office spaces to find suitable Art pieces that fit in with existing décor, and available space.


Artist Consultancy: Discovering new talent and supporting Artists in gaining exposure for their work. Mentoring Artists, and advising them on the exhibiting and selling of their Art.


Licensing Art: Upholding the legacy of the Artists’ work, we seek to provide the best in design resources to those who understand the relevance of the Artists’ practice, and who create products that reflect their approach to Art making. Revenues generated through licensing fees support an increasing number of the Artists activities.

Art Events & Exhibitions: Working together with high profile artists, galleries and exclusive venues to organise international Art events, exhibitions and product launches through the medium of Art.