Website: http://www.dgph.com.ar
Facebook page: DGPH.TW

DGPH is an expression way, that combines art, image, animation with different forms from visual communication. In 2005 Martin Lowenstein, Diego Vaisberg (both of them Graphic Designers) and Andres Vaisberg (Industrial Designer), decided to make their path in the design world with an own and unique style.

They begun to develop a series of illustrations, for different art and design magazines, creating a world of characters and creatures, who nowadays represent the studio. These illustrations, appear in countless magazines between which out IDN, Territory (Hong Kong), Fused y Clutter (UK), Belio (Spain), Playtimes (Singapur), Encyclopaedia Pictoplasma (Germany) stands out.

Molestown, DGPH first illustrations book is a form to compile some of these works, closing therefore one first stage of numerous accomplishments. The visual mixture of different techniques and formats, gives as result a new form of illustration that mixes photographs, traditional drawings, digital images and 3D.

Actually, the studio has realized more than 20 exhibition, conferences and workshops in different galleries, events and universities, taking its knowledge on design, characters and illustration all over the world.

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