– Wooden Sunglasses in aid of The Rainforest Alliance and WWF

Love Through Design joins forces with sunglasses brand Woodwear, and artist Zoie Lam, to bring you a collection of limited edition wooden sunglasses in aid of The Rainforest Alliance and WWF.

Simply put, Woodwear create wearable artwork by making wooden sunglasses out of sustainable bamboo; Instead of using traditional woods for their wooden sunglasses, they use bamboo due to its environmental benefits.

Bamboo is truly sustainable harvested grass that regenerates 8 times faster than hardwood. Not only does Bamboo mature rapidly, but harvesting does not kill the plant, making it a very Eco-friendly product. Bamboo is also moisture resistant and more durable than traditional hardwoods, making it an excellent material that will hold up better than other woods.

Woodwear is based in Hermosa Beach, California and they are inspired by California Beach culture and the nature that surrounds them.

The very talented artist Zoie Lam, has added her stamp to the glasses with her own unique designs, which will be engraved intricately into the wood.

Zoie Lam is a Hong Kong based fashion and graphic designer who is passionate about illustration, loves to paint, and prefers to be called Lamyi. Her work is eclectic, with her graphical prints adorning both canvases and fabrics. Her unusual patterns include funny figures based on simple daily life, as well as delicious food and cute pets. She is influenced by everyday life and her drawings are based on day to day activities; her artistic world which she calls ‘Zlism’ has a major impact on her drawings. Zoie likes to use drawing as a way to express her own moods and feelings and the characters she creates all represent her own state of mind at the time.

The collection is in aid of The Rainforest Alliance and their current Sky Rainforest Rescue Campaign which is working to save a billion trees. We will also be helping to raise funds and awareness for WWF, whose ultimate goal has always been ‘people living in harmony with nature’ - something that supports the Love Through Design mantra beautifully.

Every piece purchased will help to save 250 trees, and get The Rainforest Alliance one step closer to that billion tree goal. Our planet is important and we want to ensure that we can do our bit to sustain it.