– Avatar Watch in aid of War Child

Love Through Design in collaboration with Seahope Watches have launched a collection of Art inspired timepieces in aid of War Child.

Seahope Watches, created by the brilliant Japanese designer Yasushi Kimura, use the most awe inspiring techniques to show the moment of time. The Avatar edition from Seahope, featured in the movie by its name, is a striking time piece with quality finishing from the stitch to the futuristic LED arrangement.

The project is in aid of War Child - a family of independent humanitarians, working across the world to help children affected by the plight of war. War Child protects children living in the world's most dangerous war zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Uganda and D.R. Congo.

Only 100 pieces of each design have been made available worldwide and every watch will be numbered with a quote reflecting the project from Martin Luther King, making this watch rare and collectable - “The time is always right, to do what is right.”

The design used for this collection is the Avatar featured in the movie by its name. We have decided to recreate this amazing timepiece since the message of the movie is very deep and related to our beliefs. In this science fiction film where aliens are not evil (but humans are), there is a very powerful message: the balance of life is based on the relationship of all human beings. When man behaves selfishly and attacks another man, this will start a conflict that can last for years. Wars destroy not only innocent lives but also our environment. All children have a right to grow up in a protective milieu which is free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The watches come in six unique designs: ‘Flow’ by Japi Honoo, ‘Red Eye’ by Jon Burgerman, ‘Mountain Watch’ by Beastman, ‘Pacify’ by Shin Tanaka, ‘Irregular Apocalypse’ by eBoy, and ‘Dios Ganeshador’ by Pale Horse.