Twitter: @cha_ru_ca

My name is Charuca Vargas and I am a character illustrator/designer resident in Barcelona. I appear to have the Kawaii art flowing through my veins, having taken great pleasure in drawing little dolls for my friends from a very early age. As time went by, I was growing and my longing to transform the world with my cute little toon dolls was becoming greater.

I began by working freelance for magazines, advertising agencies, toy manufacturers and audiovisual producers. At the same time I was also creating a world of my own which I made known through my web: and my blog where I also cover any Kawaii character or topic.

Charuquil’s world had a life of its own. In 2009, one of my dreams was fulfilled when I registered Charuca and was able to get my legion of dolls out on the street in the form of objects. My Kawaii creatures currently feel at home in countries all over the world and I sincerely hope this turns out to be a never ending dream.

I just want to share a little of sugar and lemon with everyone who needs it ^__^

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