Love Through Design gives special thanks:

DGPH for their immense contribution of bringing to life our ethos in their design works for Love Through Design.

In 2005 Martin Lowenstein, Diego Vaisberg (both of them Graphic Designers) and Andres Vaisberg (Industrial Designer), decided to make their path in the design world with a unique style.

They begun to develop a series of illustrations, for different art and design magazines, creating a world of characters and creatures, who nowadays represent the studio. These illustrations, appear in countless magazines between which out IDN, Territory (Hong Kong), Fused and Clutter (UK), Belio (Spain), Playtimes (Singapur), Encyclopaedia Pictoplasma (Germany) stands out.


Shin Tanaka for donating his logo design to represent our fashion apparel division.

Japanese street artist Shin Tanaka is one of the pioneers of the paper toy craze. Although best known for his elaborate paper creations, Tanaka is also a graffiti writer, and designer. With his use of curves, bright colours and careful attention to detail, Tanaka is successful in fusing origami and urban culture in his work.

Shin has instigated thousands of collaborations worldwide. He is known globally as being an innovator of paper craft and creator of the most widely recognized graffiti and urban paper toys on the market.