Product Collaboration: "Wooden Sunglasses"
Facebook page: Zlism

Hong Kong based designer Zoie Lam has recently joined Love Through Design and eye-wear brand Woodwear to contribute her quirky creative style to our collection of wooden sunglasses.

Zoie is a hardworking fashion and graphic designer who is passionate about illustration, loves to paint, and prefers to be called Lamyi. Her work is eclectic, with her graphical prints adorning both canvases and fabrics. Her unusual patterns include funny figures based on simple daily life, as well as delicious food and cute pets.

Her fashion label, Liberty, showcases her drawings beautifully on printed fabrics- from canvas trainers and bags to t-shirts and dresses, her clothing brand remains unique and her collections are limited to 50 pieces to keep every item limited edition.

Zoie calls herself a fashion designer primarily but is quick to state that she loves illustration and drawing. Her passion for graphic design is evident in all her work and extends to her fashion label

She is influenced by everyday life and her drawings are based on day to day activities; her artistic world which she calls 'Zlism' has a major impact on her drawings. Zoie likes to use drawing as a way to express her own moods and feelings and the characters she creates all represent her own state of mind at the time.

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