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Established in 2007, Triclops Studio Limited is a Creative Design Consultancy specialising in Concept Design for the mainstream Toys and Games companies and Childrens’ Entertainment networks. With a wealth of experience shared by Directors Rob Ames and Luc Hudson, Triclops offer the very best solutions to a wide range of Design problems.

Born in Pork Pie Land in 1976, creative lump Rob Ames is a toy design powerhouse with umpteen years of experience in the mainstream toy biz. Over the years Rob has designed loads of cool stuff which has graced toy aisles internationally. His work is driven and inspired by Rob's encyclopedic knowledge of feature-driven action figures.

Born in the icy wastes of England's Lake District, Luc didn't meet anybody he wasn't related to until he was 27. Following several years as a Graphic Designer at Ad Agencies in northern England, he walked to London to seek his fortune and secured a job as a Concept Designer at Hasbro. Luc's drawing style is inspired by 1960s retro and too many hours playing computer games.

Beavering away in their East London studio, Triclops somehow manage to divide their time between Consultancy work for a wide variety of international clients and generating in-house Intellectual Properties - which consider opportunities for both programming & toy merchandising. In their ever-decreasing downtime, they also create toys and custom artworks for the Designer Vinyl scene.

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