Twitter: @graphic07

“Ideas are illusions, make them real, change the world”~ Sebastian Murra

Barcelona based artist Sebastian Murra is entranced with the abstract, and with the full belief that colours and shapes can change the world. He was born and raised in the beautiful Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Sebastian Murra mixes the chromatics, energy and passion of the caribbean with european aesthetics and design, creating a unique world of endless meanings for everyone in an amalgam of abstraction that reflect daily life, nature, political points of views, humour and love.

His work stands out; there is nothing timid about Murras’s illustrations. From pastels to vivid colour his designs have an intriguing 3D effect that draws one in. His pieces seem to tease us and toy with us, encouraging us to get lost in their beauty.

Murra’s abstract work is almost dream-like and inviting; at times feminine, sensual and alluring. Whilst some pieces seem to have a darker, deeper meaning. His use of line and colour has the desired effect of changing our mood and having an effect on us - thus making the work succeed in its creator’s belief that colour and shape can indeed “change the world” in some way.

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