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Twitter: @michelle_miki

“Art is more than just a pretty picture, and the process of creating my art is an adventure I like to take to a world I call my own.” ~ Michelle Lim.

Meet the lovely Michelle Lim, she is a London based artist currently working as a Creative Visualizer. Born on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia, her love for art came at a very young age. She describes herself as “that little kid who always had to bring a sketchbook and a pencil along” wherever she went.

Michelle’s constant doodling as a child helped her develop and grow into her own unique drawing style and technique - so getting in trouble at school for not paying attention in class was definitely worth it!

As she grew up, Michelle decided she wanted to draw for a living and majored in Visual Communication concentrating in Graphic Design & Illustration at the American Intercontinental University of London.

Hand drawing and crafting her work before transferring it over to technology is imperative to Michelle’s style of working and how she develops her ideas and thought process when unraveling a new project.

She is eager to point out that although she finds inspiration from many different elements in everyday life, her main source of inspiration has always been music, stating: “The emotion I feel from listening to a song is the inspiration behind the creation of my art. It’s a beautiful combination of two of the best things that the world cannot live without.”

The use of colour in Michelle’s art is of equal importance to her, as it creates the emotions of what the artwork beholds. Her charming illustrations have a quirky, child-like quality and the use of vivid colours against the bold use of black ink give the images a distinctive and instantly recognisable style that is all her own.

For Michelle, “art is more than just a pretty picture and the process of creating my art is an adventure I like to take to a world I call my own.”

Take home a little piece of Michelle’s inspiring world by purchasing the case she designed for our ‘For the Love of Art’ project in aid of ArtFund.

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