Product Collaboration: "Koi"
Twitter: @BenIllustrator

"I believe that nature makes people feel good. That is why I am an illustrator." ~ Ben O'Brien

Ben O'Brien, who is more commonly known by creatives as Ben the Illustrator, is a UK based commercial artist. For over a decade Ben's graphic illustrations have wrapped cars, stretched along shop walls, solved problems, covered magazines, advertised fruit juice, satisfied clients, accompanied orchestras, adorned underwear and welcomed you at airports. Without even realising it you've probably admired his charming drawings from afar, thus is the beauty of art and advertising.

Ben has an affinity with nature and believes that our natural surroundings, and the creatures that live in them, can ignite truly wonderful feelings within us. Ben's professional work is deeply related to his passion for our fascinating natural world, and the emotions evoked by it.

His aim through his work is to translate his feelings into visual artwork. He states: "I like to excite and inspire, to feed people fresh artwork and a fresh view on nature. Nature makes people feel good. That is why I am an illustrator."

Ben's inspiration from nature is evident in his work; animals, flowers and plants take centre stage giving his illustrations a real feeling of 'being alive'. His use of vivid colours to interpret organic subject matter and wodland creatures reinforces his goal to make the viewer "feel good". The fluid lines to create simplified shapes of what are quite complex forms ensures that we focus on the mood of the illustration, rather than the minor details.

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