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Twitter: @arnaudpages

Arnaud Pagès is a French iconic Graphic Designer and Illustrator who is living and working in Paris. As a street art kid, also under the influence of pop art, he has exhibited his work in several art galleries around the world and held a lot of successful exhibitions in Europe (The Peace Watchers, Fifteen Most Corrupted, Rock-A Graphic tribute to rock culture).

His graphic work was extended to fashion when he started to make collaborations with brands in 2008. For him, Art must be for everyone, and everyone must be able to buy Art. So, using t-shirts as new territory for his Art was a good way for him to bring this democratic idea on the stage. He has released more than 60 t-shirts, caps, denims and hoodies and he's constantly working with brands on new projects. He is also regularly co-operating with the best Parisian shops and spots such as, Colette, Black Rainbow or Sergeant Paper.

Using colors as a weapon, his work, with his thick lines and flashy patterns, gives a new interpretation of street art basics and modern style defacements. His artworks are full of large flattened saturated colors, graphic signs and stylized strong character. His inspiration comes from a cultural crossover where one finds both the graffiti, comics, American comics, graphics and Figuration Libre. Even though his influences come mainly from popular culture, contemnporary art has played a major role in his discovery of painting. Navigating between a deep approach to art based on the search for meaning, and a taste for the aesthetics of popular representations born in the 70s and 80s, his work is close to that of artists without street art however, be a repetition.

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